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How to Make a Romantic Breakfast in Bed

All it takes is a little imagination to turn a morning meal into a sweet and sexy surprise.


  • Step 1: Set the scene Make sure you have the components for an in-bed repast: Lap trays, plump pillows, linen napkins, a carafe to keep coffee hot, and an ice bucket if you're serving champagne.
  • Step 2: Make a heart-shaped egg If you're cooking for an egg lover, cut a heart shape out of the center of a bread slice and heat both slices in a large, greased fry pan. When their bottoms are lightly browned, flip them over, crack an egg into the heart-shaped hole, and cook until the egg is done. Serve with the heart cut-out resting against the egg-filled slice.
  • Step 3: Flip some heart-shaped pancakes For a partner who prefers pancakes, grease a heart-shaped cookie cutter, put it on a buttered griddle, and pour pancake batter into it. When the tops begin to bubble, carefully remove the cookie cutter, flip the pancake, and finish cooking. Dust with confectioner's sugar, and serve butter and jam or maple syrup.
  • TIP: Put the sugar on just before serving or it will melt into the pancake.
  • Step 4: Make easy chocolate croissants Tempt the chocolate lover in your life with these easy-to-make chocolate croissants: Take a package of refrigerated crescent rolls, put about a dozen chocolate chips inside each dough triangle before rolling it up, and bake as directed. Serve while they're still warm.
  • Step 5: Serve champagne and berries Serve champagne and strawberries, or provide a variety of fruits dipped in melted chocolate with the bubbly.
  • Step 6: Add some special touches Make the presentation elegant by including a personalized menu and using your best china. Even cold cereal will seem romantic if it's served in a beautiful bowl alongside a silver spoon and a miniature pitcher of ice-cold milk.
  • FACT: Twenty percent of Americans surveyed cited breakfast in bed as the "ideal way to start the day," even though 62 percent end up eating breakfast on the go.

You Will Need

  • Lap trays
  • Pillows
  • Linen napkins
  • Carafe
  • Breakfast foods
  • Fancy dishes
  • Ice bucket (optional)
  • Heart-shaped cookie cutter (optional)
  • Champagne (optional)

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