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How to Plan a Low-Sodium Thanksgiving Meal

A traditional Thanksgiving meal is loaded with salt. Here are some ways to prepare a low-sodium feast.


  • Step 1: Cook a fresh turkey Cook a fresh turkey. Packaged and frozen turkeys may be supplemented with salt, salted butter, or MSG.
  • TIP: Read the label carefully if you buy a turkey that is not fresh.
  • Step 2: Prepare unsalted vegetables Prepare fresh or no-salt-added frozen vegetable for the meal.
  • Step 3: Use no-salt-added butter Use no-salt-added butter in recipes that call for butter.
  • Step 4: Use low-salt broths Use no-salt-added or low-sodium broths.
  • Step 5: Use salt substitutes Season your entrees with salt substitutes.
  • Step 6: Save room for the pie Use low-sodium versions of whipped cream products on your pies. Since you've cut down on sodium so much everywhere else, go ahead and splurge on some sodium-rich pumpkin pie!
  • FACT: Early Roman soldiers were paid partially in salt, hence the word salary.

You Will Need

  • Fresh turkey
  • Unsalted vegetables
  • No-salt-added butter
  • Low-sodium broths
  • Salt substitute
  • Low-sodium whipped cream
  • Pumpkin pie

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