How to Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen

Helping the less fortunate is a noble endeavor. Do what you can to lend a hand and volunteer at a soup kitchen.

You will need

  • Phone book
  • Internet access
  • Volunteer coordinator
  • Punctuality
  • Research
  • Smile

Step 1 Find a soup kitchen Look through your phone book or search online to find a soup kitchen in your area.

Step 2 Contact the soup kitchen Contact the soup kitchen and talk to their volunteer coordinator to find out what they need.

Step 3 Find out about training Ask if you will need a training session. Some volunteer positions involve more than serving food, and you may need to be trained.

Step 4 Show up early Arrive early for your shift so you can get instructions, prepare, and meet the other volunteers with whom you’ll work.

Step 5 Prepare yourself Find out about the issues that the homeless and hungry in your area are interested in to prepare yourself for working with them.

Step 6 Smile Smile and help out in any way you can. Remember — that’s why you’re there.