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How to Watch Movies for Free on the Internet

Many full-length movies from indie filmmakers are legally available online for free. Some commercial films are offered at studio-supported websites. Why rent when you can stream?


  • Step 1: Check your computer hardware Make sure your computer has the minimum requirements for video playback. Check your processor speed, RAM, and internet connection speed.
  • TIP: Many sites offering streaming movies can require you to download a Flash-driven media player.
  • Step 2: Visit a major media online entertainment hub Visit a major media online entertainment hub. Hubs mostly offer TV episodes, but have a few full-length movies for free online viewing.
  • Step 3: Visit video-sharing sites Visit video-sharing sites. YouTube offers a Screening Room that shows indie features with permission and the involvement of the filmmakers.
  • TIP: SnagFilms is a filmmaker-supported website that offers free viewing of full-length documentaries.
  • Step 4: Download iTunes and get free movies Download iTunes at Apple's website and open it. Go to the iTunes Store, click the "Movies" tab, and click "Free on iTunes" under "Movie Quick Links" to see what's currently available.
  • Step 5: Watch free movies at pay-per-view websites Watch freebies at pay-per-view sites. They will often offer free trials or show movies for free.
  • Step 6: Watch public domain movies online Download and watch legal public domain movies online at the Internet Archive. With so many movies for free, you'll always have your computer ready for movie night!
  • FACT: Veteran indie director Edward Burns' Purple Violets was the first feature film to premiere exclusively on iTunes.

You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • Media player
  • iTunes application
  • Entertainment website membership

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