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How to Start a Band

If you've been yearning to up your coolness quotient by starting your own band, then these hip tips will rock your world.


  • Step 1: Find bandmates Find other musicians to play with by recruiting your friends or school mates who are interested in music or by placing an ad on a bulletin board, on Craigslist, or in the paper.
  • TIP: Chemistry is important, so choose members you like, not just those who are skilled. They can always learn their instruments as you play.
  • Step 2: Decide on a sound Decide on a sound as a band. Talk about your musical influences and what genres you like so you can create a new sound together.
  • Step 3: Set rehearsals Set a rehearsal schedule up with your band. Decide how often you want to practice and what your level of commitment is to the band.
  • Step 4: Write material Write original material for your band. Show off this material on MySpace or on a personal website. Having a presence on the web is an excellent way to book gigs and alert your fans to tour dates.
  • Step 5: Get gigs Get gigs with your new band. Contact local venues and point them to your online presence. Now watch as the fans jump on your awesome rock and roll bandwagon.
  • FACT: In anthropology, a "band" is defined as a type of political structure consisting of a small, egalitarian kinship group.

You Will Need

  • Bandmates
  • Internet access
  • Material
  • Gigs

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