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How to Keep a Christmas Tree from Drying Out

Nothing zaps holiday spirit like a dying, dried out Christmas tree. Learn how to keep your tree fresh throughout the holiday season.


  • Step 1: Store it sheltered from weather Store your Christmas tree in an unheated garage or shelter away from wind and freezing temperatures if you are not putting it up right away.
  • Step 2: Choose a location Avoid putting your tree near heat vents, radiators, or windows that get a lot of direct sunlight.
  • Step 3: Cut off the end Saw a fresh, 1-inch cut off the butt end of the trunk and put the tree in a stand that holds at least a gallon of water.
  • Step 4: Maintain water level Keep the base of the tree submerged in water. If the base of the tree dries out, resin will form over the end and it will not be able to take in any more water.
  • Step 5: Use small lights Decorate your tree with small lights. Larger lights burn hotter and will increase drying effects.
  • TIP: Turn lights off at night and when you leave to avoid a fire hazard.
  • Step 6: Take it down before it dries out Take your tree down before it dries out. If properly cared for, you will be able to enjoy your Christmas tree throughout the holiday season.
  • FACT: Christmas trees have been sold commercially in the United States since around 1850.

You Will Need

  • Storage space
  • Indoor location
  • Stand
  • Saw
  • Water
  • Small lights

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