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How to Create a Romantic Experience on a Camping Trip

Cuddling next to a fire under the stars is a surefire way to put a spark in any relationship.


  • Step 1: Choose a spot Choose a romantic spot for your campsite and make reservations a few weeks in advance. Consider a site on an ocean or lake, in the mountains, or desert canyon.
  • TIP: Choose an isolated location to allow you and your partner the privacy to do as you please.
  • Step 2: Keep it short Limit your trip to two days and one beautiful night to remember. Going too long without a shower, a comfy bed, and modern conveniences can dampen even the most romantic feelings.
  • Step 3: Plan activities Plan activities to do together during the day that you both enjoy, like hiking, mountain biking, sailing, skiing, horseback riding, or just walking on the beach.
  • Step 4: Bring easy food Bring a cooler full of picnic food and a bottle of wine, hot cocoa, or your favorite beverages -- and don't forget a decadent dessert.
  • TIP: Bring a fire starter to light a campfire for snuggling in front of or light some candles for instant romance.
  • Step 5: Sleep together Keep blankets handy to stay warm together. Before bed, zip two sleeping bags together so you can snuggle and spoon after your great outdoor adventures.
  • FACT: Studies have shown that people feel more romantic when they've gotten some exercise during the day.

You Will Need

  • Romantic destination
  • Outdoor activites
  • Cooler with food and beverages
  • Warm blankets
  • 2 sleeping bags that zip together
  • Isolation (optional)
  • Fire starter or matches and candles (optional)

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