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How to Know If Your Child was Born to Be a Star

Determine if your child has a successful future in show business by answering a few questions honestly.


  • Step 1: Rate their interest Rate your child's interest in show business. Could they take it or leave it, or is performing a true passion? To beat the odds, they have to have a real commitment to the actual work, not just a desire for the perks of stardom.
  • Step 2: Consider outside opinions Consider unbiased opinions. While your friends and family may think your child was born to be a star, give more weight to disinterested parties who have suggested that your child pursue a show-business career.
  • TIP: If someone who is trying to sell you pricey photo sessions or acting classes is the one telling you your child has talent, be wary of their motives.
  • Step 3: Assess your child's ability Assess your child's suitability to the business. They need to be outgoing, articulate, and independent, with an ability to memorize material and follow directions. And they should be self-confident enough to handle criticism and rejection.
  • TIP: When it comes to child stars, looks often matter less than intelligence and personality.
  • Step 4: Evaluate music ability If music is your child's thing, ask yourself if they're willing to put in the practice time it takes to be a star. Consider whether they naturally put their own spin on songs, have the ability to sing a cappella, and are often asked to sing or play a musical instrument at social gatherings.
  • Step 5: Take it slowly If you've concluded that your child was born to be a star, let them test the waters with school productions and community theater before you invest time trying to get them professional bookings. Break a leg!
  • FACT: Mary Pickford, one of the world's first bonafide movie stars, started out as a child actress. She went on to co-found United Artists studios.

You Will Need

  • Objectivity
  • Unbiased opinions
  • Patience

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