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How to Make Cold Calls for an Election Candidate

If talking to complete strangers on the phone causes a near panic attack, this guide will make the process easier and bolster your confidence.


  • Step 1: Read the name aloud Read the person's name aloud before you dial the number. If you can't pronounce the name correctly ask for help or just skip saying it altogether.
  • Step 2: Use a script Develop a script to guide you or write down a few notes if you easily get flustered or have a hard time thinking on the spot.
  • Step 3: Be conversational Be conversational. Not every call has to go exactly the same way. Just go with the flow and talk to them like a friend or family member.
  • TIP: Don't take hangups or rude comments personally. It happens to everyone.
  • Step 4: Know your candidate Know what your candidate stands for. Be able to promote policies, answer questions, or dispel any rumors that are untrue.
  • Step 5: Practice Practice as much as possible by striking up conversations with strangers at the store, in line at the coffee shop, or with telemarketers who call.
  • Step 6: Speak from the heart Take a deep breath, gather yourself, and speak from the heart. Each number will be an adventure. Just believe in what you're doing and who you're supporting.
  • FACT: Nearly 2 billion people, a third of the world's population, have never made a telephone call.

You Will Need

  • Phone script
  • Knowledge of the candidate
  • Practice

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