How to Make the Holiday Season Less Stressful

Avoid letting stress rob you of holiday joys this season. Give yourself a gift by preparing to manage the high-intensity season with thoughtful planning.

You will need

  • Plan
  • Helpers
  • Family peace treaty
  • Realistic expectations
  • Budget (optional)
  • Volunteer opportunities (optional)

Step 1 Make a list Make a list of your priorities and check it twice, making sure it realistically aligns with your available time and energy. Don’t take on more than you can handle.

Step 2 Plan Plan days for shopping, sending cards, baking, and other favorite holiday activities.

Step 3 Delegate tasks Delegate tasks to other family members, keeping in mind that even small children are capable of providing an extra hand.

Step 4 Create time for yourself Create time for yourself to refresh, recharge, and keep focused on what is truly meaningful about the season.

Step 5 Avoid overindulgence Avoid overindulgence, resisting the extra goodies and drinks, and stay committed to caring for your body with adequate sleep and exercise.

Step 6 Make a peace treaty Make a peace treaty with family members with whom you have differences, setting aside a later time to address conflicts.

Step 7 Maintain a realistic attitude Maintain a realistic attitude, letting go of perfection, and adapt to family changes and circumstances, while remembering to hold precious the small things that make lasting memories.