How to Make the Holidays a Little Brighter and Enjoy the Season More

Flip the usual script and get your loved ones involved in making the holidays brighter for everyone.

You will need

  • Conscientiousness
  • Letters
  • Family activities
  • Food

Step 1 Convert parties to giving events Convert the usual office, family, or neighborhood party to a giving event, volunteering to do for others or to donate money to a cause.

Step 2 Write letters Write Christmas letters to others, which will honor and delight them, and which you will enjoy as well.

Step 3 Host a goofy gift exchange Host a White Elephant Exchange, in which friends and family bring unwanted gifts and all take turns pulling a number out of a hat to pick the next bizarre present. Don’t laugh too hard: that gift might be your surprise next year.

Step 4 Check out light displays Ride with the family to city, neighborhood, or public park Christmas light displays and enjoy the sights.

Step 5 Attend church and community events Attend church and community plays, nativities, musicals, recitals, choir performances, or special meals that celebrate the season of giving.

Step 6 Eat and be merry Eat and be merry during the holidays with those you love. Coordinate a potluck with relatives or neighbors to get together and share good cheer. That’s what it’s all about.