How to Organize a Food Drive

If you want to change the world but lack the tights and cape, this guide will make you a hero in your own community as you help feed those in need.

You will need

  • Friends
  • Good organization
  • Devotion

Step 1 Start a committee Start a committee with several dedicated and hard-working friends to help plan, promote, collect donations, and recruit volunteers for the food drive.

Step 2 Create fliers Get your artistic friends to create eye-catching posters and fliers to let people know when and where to donate and what items are needed.

Step 3 Keep the time period short Keep the time period to between two and four weeks so people don’t forget and energy levels don’t wane.

Step 4 Invite businesses to help Invite businesses, clubs, and other organizations to help advertise the food drive to their customers and patrons.

Step 5 Ask for freebies Ask businesses to donate snacks, juice, and water for the volunteers; and prizes to give away to donors that go above and beyond expectations.

Step 6 Contact local food banks Contact local food banks to let them know of your intentions so they can prepare for a large donation and can help with some of the planning.

Step 7 Plan for next year Plan for next year’s food drive once the dust has settled since it is never too early to start.