How to Spot a Sasquatch

If your Bigfoot hunting skills aren't quite up to snuff, this guide will have you tracking the elusive creature like an expert.

You will need

  • Camping gear
  • Camera
  • Night vision-equipped
  • motion-sensitive cameras
  • Patience

Step 1 Head to the Northwest Head to the Pacific Northwest of the United States or Canada, where most Sasquatch sightings have been reported.

Step 2 Search during the right time Search during the summer months, from July to October, and during the very early morning hours when Sasquatch are most active.

Step 3 Head to remote areas Pack your camping gear or find a remote cabin and get as far away from cities, towns, and people as possible.

Step 4 Remember a camera Remember to bring a camera, and invest in a night vision-equipped, motion-sensitive cameras to set up in the woods when you’re not around.

Step 5 Search for evidence Search for evidence of Bigfoot, like half-eaten food with teeth marks, droppings, or very large, man-shaped footprints.

Step 6 Be patient Be patient. Spotting a Sasquatch is like observing any other creature in the wild: it’s going to take time, skill, and a lot of luck.