How to Turn a Hoodie into a Laptop Bag

Don't throw away that old hooded sweatshirt -- recycle it and never be caught without a laptop bag again.

You will need

  • Hooded sweatshirt
  • Table
  • Laptop computer

Step 1 Lay hoodie face up Lay the hoodie front side up on a table, with the hood and arms outstretched.

Step 2 Place computer on it Place the laptop widthwise on the chest section of the sweatshirt, just below the neckline.

Step 3 Fold up bottom Fold the bottom of half of the hoodie over the computer and tuck in the sides and edge of the bottom half under the sides of the laptop.

Step 4 Fold hood over Fold the hood over the top of the covered laptop and slip the laptop into it.

Step 5 Flip over Flip the laptop over so that the back of the hood is now touching the table.

Step 6 Tie the neck closed Tie the neck of the hoodie to tightly enclose the laptop and secure it.

Step 7 Knot the sleeves Grab the wrists of the sleeves and tie them into a very tight knot to make a carrying strip. Then sling it over your shoulder and head out.