How to Practice Nude Yoga

Want to get buff while exercising … in the buff? Learn how to practice nude yoga!

You will need

  • Self-assuredness
  • Mat
  • A yoga partner (optional)
  • Shower or bath (optional)

Step 1 Understand nude yoga Understand nude yoga. Practicing yoga without the encumbrance of clothing is meant to be sensual, not sexual.

Step 2 Find a class Call yoga studios in your area to see if they offer nude yoga. Some classes are co-ed; others are male- or female-only. Male-only classes — and nude yoga in general — tend to draw mostly gay men.

Step 3 Ask about poses Ask what kind of yoga is practiced in the nude yoga class. Some feature mostly solo poses with a few partnered ones, while others revolve around positions done with another class member. Also inquire about the difficulty level of the yoga practiced.

Step 4 Know what to bring Know what to bring to practice nude yoga. You needn’t bring your own partner; you can team up with someone in the class. But you do need to bring your own mat.

Step 5 Start a class If nude yoga is not available in your area, approach an instructor about starting a class; many nude yoga classes are held informally in private residences. Just make sure the teacher is certified to teach yoga.