How to Get Your Own Reality Show

Don't settle for being on a reality show; get your own gig with these tips.

You will need

  • Personality
  • Wit
  • D-list stardom
  • Altruistic profession
  • Reality show pitch

Step 1 Bring the drama Bring the drama; you’ll never get your own reality show if you don’t. But don’t be the villain; they’re rarely rewarded with their own series. The trick is to goad others into behaving badly around you.

Step 2 Be witty Always have an amusing wisecrack or two for the confessional part of the show. Go for laughs at your cast mates’ expense.

Step 3 Be the runner-up Be the runner-up in a dating show. Audiences love to see the underdog get a second chance.

Step 4 Be a D-list celebrity Be a D-list celebrity. If you can convince your extended family to participate, so much the better. Bonus points for being a hot, D-list mess.

Step 5 Help the downtrodden Have a career helping people whose problems are cringe-worthy, tear-jerking, or animal-related.

Step 6 Pitch your own show Pitch your idea for a show to network executives and Hollywood agents. It’s a long shot, but if your life is wacky enough, someone just might go for it.