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How to Attract the Woman You Want with Your Scent

Get science on your side the next time you're looking to score by knowing which kind of scent arouses which kind of woman.


  • Step 1: Attract the young ones Pretty co-eds and girls in cheerleading costumes your thing? Slap on a candy scent. Research shows that young women prefer sweet smells -- even on a not-so-sweet guy.
  • Step 2: Go for fashion models If you want a woman who's into high fashion, money, and sex, give her a whiff of leather, which conjures up all three. It may also attract fetishists.
  • TIP: If you're going to Japan, think twice about wearing a leather scent; research shows that smell is unpopular among the Japanese.
  • Step 3: Lower her inhibitions Want a woman with strong carnal desires -- and the inability to control them? Choose chocolate. In one experiment, the smell of chocolate chip cookies rendered women less able to resist impulse buys.
  • Step 4: Snare the snizzlers If you can handle a woman who's not afraid of her sexuality, wear musk; it's the scent closest to our body's natural pheromones, the chemical substances that subconsciously stimulate sexual attraction! Women are a thousand times more sensitive to the smell of musk than men are.
  • Step 5: Attract a down-to-earth gal Had enough of high-maintenance women? Reel in the down-to-earth types with a fragrance that combines citrus and herbs like basil and thyme.
  • TIP: If you're targeting a particular woman, try to find out what cologne her father wears. Women are often subconsciously drawn to men who smell like dear old Dad.
  • Step 6: Get her horny Now that you've reeled her in, seal the deal by lighting a lavender candle. Research shows that this scent stimulates female arousal.
  • FACT: Women rank how a man smells as the most important physical factor determining sexual attraction.

You Will Need

  • Variety of scents

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