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How to Buy a Hair Dryer

With so many hair dryers on the market, you need to find out which ones will give you, and your hairstyle, a head start on the competition.


  • Step 1: Look at wattage Look for a dryer with at least 1,800 watts. If your hair is thick, buy a dryer that has closer to 2,000 watts.
  • TIP: Dryers with more than 2,000 watts can burn your scalp.
  • Step 2: Consider settings Consider a dryer with multiple speed and heat settings. A blow dryer with a cool shot button will seal the cuticle and lock in your style.
  • Step 3: Take advantage of technology Take advantage of dryer technology, such as ionic, ceramic, and tourmaline dryers, all of which promise silky, frizz-free strands in a fraction of normal drying time.
  • Step 4: Look for attachments Look for dryer attachments for curly or straight hair. A concentrator attachment will yield straight strands while a large, circular diffuser attachment will keep curls intact and add body.
  • Step 5: Think about weight Think about the weight of the dryer. Weights range from half a pound to 3 pounds. Opt for a lighter model if you have long or thick hair or if you dry your hair frequently.
  • Step 6: Compare price Compare prices. Moderately expensive dryers in the $20 to $80 range have a variety of settings, and many offer ionic and ceramic technology. Consider a professional dryer, costing $100 or more, which will last longer if you straighten your hair on a regular basis. Inexpensive models in the $5 to $20 range are best if you rarely use a dryer or have very short hair.
  • FACT: Ionic dryers release negatively charged ions that bond with positively charged water droplets on the hair, breaking them down more quickly.

You Will Need

  • Multiple settings
  • Latest technology
  • Attachments
  • Appropriate weight
  • Budget

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