How to Buy a Horse Bridle

Most horse bridles are adjustable and you don't have to worry about size when buying one unless you are buying a draft horse or pony. Here are some buying tips.

You will need

  • Feed and tackle shop
  • Internet access
  • Snaffle bridle
  • Dressage bridle
  • Western bridle
  • Browband
  • Bulletin boards (optional)
  • Classified ads (optional)

Step 1 Go to a tackle shop Go to a feed and tackle shop or check the internet if you are in the market for a new horse bridle.

Step 2 Choose a snaffle bridle Choose a standard snaffle bridle if you ride English style. If your horse is difficult to control, consider a snaffle bridle with a flash nose band or drop nose.

Step 3 Choose a dressage bridle Choose a dressage bridle if you plan to compete in dressage events.

Step 4 Choose a Western bridle Choose a traditional Western bridle, bosal, or a mechanical hackamore bridle for Western-style riding.

Step 5 Check the brow band Make sure the brow band fits your horse’s head. Brow bands can be purchased separately and fit to your existing bridle.