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How to Insert Refill Scrapbook Pages

If you're lucky enough to have too many experiences that need to be represented as treasures in a scrapbook, here's how to insert more pages.


  • Step 1: Know your scrapbook Determine the kind of scrapbook you have before purchasing refill pages. Consider both the size and style of your current pages.
  • TIP: There are three basic scrapbook page styles -- post-bound, strap-hinge, and 3-ring.
  • Step 2: Purchase refills Purchase the correct refill pages at your local craft store or order them from the manufacturer or an online retailer.
  • Step 3: Inserting post-bound refills Insert refill pages into a post-bound album by unscrewing the cap, sliding your new page into a protector, placing it over the posts, and screwing the cap back on.
  • TIP: With post-bound albums, it's important to work on your design outside of the book first.
  • Step 4: Inserting strap-hinge refills Insert refills for a strap-hinge album by threading two straps through the small hinges located on the back of each page.
  • TIP: Make sure you slip a page protector over the page when you're finished.
  • Step 5: Insert three-ring refills Insert refill pages into a three-ring binder album by snapping open the rings, sliding the page over the open rings, one ring though the each hole, and then snapping the rings closed.
  • Step 6: Make more memories Go out and make more memories until you have to get more refill pages.
  • FACT: By 1825, scrapbooking had become popular and was defined by a serial appropriately named The Scrapbook.

You Will Need

  • Scrapbook
  • Craft store
  • Internet access
  • Page protectors (optional)

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