How to Measure for Window Blinds

Ordering the wrong size of blinds for your windows can be a costly mistake. Follow these tips and measure twice for accurate dimensions.

You will need

  • Window
  • Tape measure
  • Internet access

Step 1 Determine inside or outside Determine if the blinds will be mounted inside or outside the window frame in your home.

Step 2 Measure for outside mounted blinds Measure the exact height and width you want your blinds to cover for outside mounted blinds.

Step 3 Check with the manufacturer Visit the blind manufacturer’s website for any other tips or directions specific to their products. Place your order in the sure knowledge that your blinds will fit your windows.

Step 4 Use a steel tape measure Use a tape measure and measure to the nearest eighth of an inch for accuracy.

Step 5 Measure from top to bottom Measure from top to bottom inside the frame in three places. Round up to the nearest eighth of an inch and write down the longest measurement.

Step 6 Measure the depth Measure the depth of the frame to confirm the blinds you have chosen fit in the opening.

Step 7 Measure from side to side Measure from the inside of the right frame to the inside of the left frame on the top, middle, and bottom of the window for inside mounted blinds. Round down to the nearest eighth of an inch and record the smallest measurement.