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How to Organize Your Digital Scrapbook Stuff

Your files can get quite unruly when you're downloading elements for digital scrapbooking. Organize your scrapbook elements using a file system that will make it easier to find what you need with minimal fuss.


  • Step 1: Start with a main folder Create a main scrapbooking folder that all your scrapbooking elements will go into.
  • Step 2: Put all photos in the photos folder Put all of the photographs you take or collect into a folder inside the scrapbooking folder labeled "photos." Sort your photographs into additional folders organized by year.
  • Step 3: Create a folder for pages Create another folder for digital scrapbook pages. Inside the scrapbook pages folder, separate the pages into folders labeled by color.
  • Step 4: Add an embellishments folder Add a folder for embellishments. Split the embellishments folder into more specific folders categories, such as borders, buttons, and flowers.
  • Step 5: Label images Use an image viewer program that allows you to add keywords to your files. The keywords will make it easier to find the element you want when using the search function on your computer.
  • TIP: Set the image viewer program to display PNGs, a common scrapbooking format, by going to Options in the Tools drop down menu, selecting the tab that says File Types, checking PNG, and then clicking OK.
  • Step 6: Designate a folder for templates Designate a folder for your digital scrapbooking templates.
  • Step 7: Get back to scrapbooking Get back to the business of scrapbooking now that you're organized and ready to go.
  • FACT: Lithography, the process of creating a print by pressing paper against an image drawn with greasy ink on a wet limestone, was developed in Germany in 1798.

You Will Need

  • Computer
  • Image viewer

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