How to Tell If Beef Is Spoiled

Keep yourself and others safe by learning how to tell if beef is spoiled.

You will need

  • Beef
  • Observation skills

Step 1 Inspect the beef Inspect the raw piece of beef. Beef that has spoiled will have a change of color and will have faded or darkened. Fresh meat is purplish in color and will change to a cherry red color when exposed to oxygen. Grey, green, or brown coloring may indicate spoiled beef.

Step 2 Smell Smell the beef. Spoiled beef has an off-odor. It may have an ammonia or sulfur smell.

Step 3 Touch Touch the beef. Spoiled beef feels tacky to the touch.

Step 4 Inspect cooked beef Inspect cooked beef. Spoiled cooked beef will be sticky or slimy and have an unpleasant odor.

Step 5 Discard Do not consume spoiled beef; discard it and order in instead!