How to Win at Chess

Chess is a game of strategy. With the right techniques at the beginning of the game, you can quickly corner your opponent's king and call checkmate.

You will need

  • Chess set
  • Reference book or DVD on opening moves (optional)

Step 1 Develop all your pieces Develop all of your pieces at the start of the chess game by moving them onto the best squares. Don’t just focus on one piece.

Step 2 Protect pieces Protect a piece from your opponent by waiting before you move pieces to the other side of the chess board. Don’t move pieces past the first 4 rows of squares on your side of the board until you have a clear idea of your plan of attack.

Step 3 Play broadly Cover all your bases and control the central squares by playing your pieces broadly across the whole board.

Step 4 Castle Protect your king. Castle early on in the game.

Step 5 Hold on to knights Hold on to your knights in the first rounds of the game.

Step 6 Attack when ready Attack your opponent only when you are ready to deal with their counterattack.

Step 7 Use pawns to block Use pawns to block your enemy, and to defend more important pieces when they are in danger.

Step 8 Wait to use the queen Wait until the right time to bring out the queen. The queen will tend to draw a lot of attention from most opponents, so don’t move the piece until you are confident that you know how you are going to use it.

Step 9 Have a plan Have a plan. Have a goal you want each piece to accomplish, and move each one according to that plan to win the game.