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How to Remove a Virus from Your Computer

If your computer has been a little green under the gills lately, this guide will help cure what ails it and save you the headache of trying to recover lost files.


  • Step 1: Locate antivirus software Locate your computer's antivirus software or search online for a free program and to get the latest definitions, which are also known as updates.
  • Step 2: Run antivirus software Scan your computer with the antivirus software regularly or as soon as you notice a problem to delete any infected files.
  • TIP: Find a good spyware and spam scanner to destroy any malicious programs that are not technically viruses but can slow your computer and be just as harmful.
  • Step 3: Quarantine files Quarantine infected files if the software is unable to remove them; this will prevent the virus from impairing your computer's performance.
  • Step 4: Locate the source Locate the sources of the virus if the computer was unable to remove it by searching for suspicious files or emails recently downloaded.
  • TIP: Most viruses will be executable files, which end in E-X-E.
  • Step 5: Remove it manually Remove the virus manually by opening the Task Manager or Activity Monitor; check the name of each running process online; then delete the virus.
  • Step 6: Visit a repair technician Visit a professional repair technician to make sure you have successfully eradicated the virus, and to install any updates you need so your computer's not reinfected.
  • FACT: Biological viruses lack some of the basic characteristics of life and cannot be called either alive or dead, but somewhere in between.

You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • Antivirus software
  • Professional
  • Spyware or spam scanner (optional)

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