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How to Win at Candyland

If you yearn to be King of Candyland but always end up stuck in the molasses swamp, these tips will increase your odds for success and help make you a winner.


  • Step 1: Go first Be the first to pick a card from the deck and move your piece. Players who go first have a slight edge to win at Candyland over later players.
  • Step 2: Remove picture cards Remove all the picture cards to prevent your opponent from advancing past you -- though this will make for a longer game.
  • TIP: Thoroughly shuffle the deck each time you start a new game to prevent repetitive playing or similar outcomes for each player.
  • Step 3: Invite more friends Invite more friends to play to sift through the deck faster and decrease your chances of drawing a bad card.
  • Step 4: Use shortcuts Take advantage of the shortcuts through Rainbow Trail and Gumdrop Pass whenever possible.
  • Step 5: Get lucky Get lady luck on your side -- Candyland often boils down to nothing more than a game of chance, so any bit of luck you can get will lead you to victory.
  • FACT: A Harvard study found that people who indulged in candy or chocolate lived on average almost a year longer than those who abstained from sugar.

You Will Need

  • Candyland board game
  • Luck

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