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How to Make Christmas Centerpieces

Brighten up your table by fashioning one of these five Christmas centerpieces.


  • Step 1: Add holiday light Add holiday light to your table by filling a silver bowl with shiny beads and different sized glass balls, and inserting a pillar candle. Quick, easy, and very elegant.
  • TIP: Stick adhesive-backed gems onto the glass balls for some extra sparkle.
  • Step 2: Make glitter centerpiece Make your table glitter by placing oversize, glittery ornaments on top of different sized glass candlesticks. Impressive!
  • Step 3: Make a flower centerpiece Make a beautiful flower centerpiece by adding white hydrangeas, mistletoe, and a few stalks of white snap to a white pitcher or bowl.
  • Step 4: Add color Add some color to the arrangement by adding a couple of glass bulbs and red holly berries. Looks great and smells even better.
  • Step 5: Make a no-fuss centerpiece Make a no-fuss centerpiece in minutes by stacking two cake stands on top of each other. Add a sprigs from evergreens and ivy, red holly berries, and pine-cones. Easy and striking!
  • Step 6: Dazzle a platter Dazzle a simple platter by putting real or artificial magnolia leaves on it. Add two or three different sized ornaments and some red holly berries. Simple but chic.
  • Step 7: Make all five Make all five centerpieces for a dazzling, festive holiday table.
  • FACT: Oklahoma's state flower is mistletoe.

You Will Need

  • Silver bowl
  • Shiny beads
  • Pillar candle
  • Glass balls
  • Ornaments
  • Glass candlesticks
  • White hydrangeas
  • Mistletoe
  • White snap flowers
  • White pitcher or bowl
  • Red holly berries
  • 2 cake stands
  • Evergreen and ivy sprigs
  • Pine cones
  • Magnolia leaves
  • Adhesive-backed gems (optional)

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