How to Organize a Toy Drive

Though you may lack the facial hair and weight problem, this guide will have you dishing out toys to good girls and boys just like old Saint Nick.

You will need

  • Charity
  • Advertising
  • Transportation
  • Drop-off points
  • Goal
  • Volunteers
  • Distribution network
  • Prizes (optional)

Step 1 Pick a charity Pick a worthy charity to receive the donated toys, such as Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army, the Boys and Girls Club of America or the YMCA.

Step 2 Focus on an age group Focus on a specific age group such as infants, kids under 10, or teens and set the parameters of the gifts which should be new and unwrapped.

Step 3 Advertise the toy drive Use social networks, the internet, and local businesses to help advertise. Use fliers and posters so that everyone knows when, where, and what to donate.

Step 4 Tackle transportation and collection Arrange for transportation and collection of toys from either a single drop-off point or several scattered around.

Step 5 Set a goal Set a goal to encourage people to donate and work hard and push your volunteers to meet or exceed that target.

Step 6 Distribute toys Be active in the toy distribution as a reward for all your hard work. Don’t forget to have a good time and thank everyone who helped.