How to Stick to Your Diet

Boredom, negative feelings, weekends, and holidays can trigger you to overeat. Reach your goal by staying motivated and sticking to your diet.


  • Step 1: Change mindset Change your mindset. Acknowledge that "eating whatever and whenever you want" often leaves you feel unpleasantly full and uncomfortable, which, in reality, is exactly what you don't want.
  • TIP: Acknowledge that you are in control of what you eat.
  • Step 2: Make a list Make a list of the reasons you want to lose weight and keep the list with you. Read your list throughout the day, every day, to stay motivated.
  • Step 3: Plan meals Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time. If you'll be eating out or drinking alcohol, allow yourself to enjoy a small, predetermined portion of one of your favorite high-calorie treats so that you don't feel deprived.
  • Step 4: Keep track of food intake Write down everything you eat in a journal to keep yourself aware of and honest about your food intake.
  • Step 5: Set goals Set small, short-terms goals. When you meet them, feel good about yourself and reward yourself with a non-food related treat.
  • TIP: Focus on a realistic weekly weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds.
  • Step 6: Weigh yourself Weigh yourself once a week at minimum, but realize that weighing yourself is only one way to track your progress. Before you know it, eating healthfully -- and feeling good about it -- will become second nature.
  • FACT: The most craved food by women in the United States is chocolate.

You Will Need

  • List
  • Meal plans
  • Journal
  • Goals
  • Rewards
  • Scale

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