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How to Work with Howcast: Retail

With new media innovator Howcast, it's easy to leverage engaging, cost-effective, high-quality instructional videos to help achieve your business goals. Howcast combines the energy and ingenuity of digital media with the quality and consistency of professionally produced video, and works with you to tailor the content -- and technology -- to your specific needs.


  • Step 1: Consumers No matter which audience you want to target -- consumers, employees, or vendors -- instructional video provides the perfect means to reach them, supporting efforts in consumer education and sales, customer service, internal training and corporate-culture building, and cooperative marketing.To help increase sales and improve consumers’ post-purchase experience, Howcast can create videos that aid in the decision-making process; highlight specific products; and illustrate fun DIY projects, with an emphasis on exclusive and house brands -- all of which can be showcased in Howcast’s customized player expressly designed for instructional content.As consumers increasingly use search engines to research and discover products, this content is ideally suited to answer their questions and drive them to your website.These videos can be distributed broadly across your websites and YouTube brand channels, on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and in retail stores, as well as across Howcast’s powerful multi-media distribution network.
  • Step 2: Employees For employees, Howcast can provide: sales training videos accessible to all sales staff and featured in training and information sessions; customer service tutorials that consumers can directly access to help lighten the load for your response team and significantly reduce customer support costs in the process; and internal human resource support to help answer common questions about options and benefits.
  • Step 3: Vendors Keeping vendors happy is a key component of retail success. Let Howcast help with a dynamic cooperative marketing strategy. With high-quality Howcast product videos, paid for by suppliers and featured on your websites, in-store, and across Howcast’s distribution network, it’s a win-win situation for everyone. Vendors sell more products, and you get great content for free, provide added value to your customers, and increase sales.Users can view Howcast’s instructional videos on every gadget and device imaginable: from TVs to websites, mobile apps to in-store kiosks. Video is the perfect medium for delivering useful information and key brand messages on any platform.
  • Step 4: Howcast: Smart Content Solutions Howcast can help you create custom content for targeted audiences in order to: increase sales and boost customer satisfaction and retention save money by decreasing customer service calls and e-mails and provide another leverage point with vendors.With Howcast, the leader in scalable, high-quality, low-cost, instructional video, you get the best in how-to, however you want it.

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