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How to Buy Winter Boots

If slogging through mud and ice has ruined your favorite shoes, this guide will keep your dogs warm and dry in the perfect pair of boots.


  • Step 1: Inspect the boot Inspect the boot inside and out -- the liner should be thick and soft, and the outside should be made of waterproof leather or rubber.
  • TIP: PAC boots are best for frigid conditions, but their hard rubber design can make mobility difficult.
  • Step 2: Pick a full lace Pick a full lacing system for a tighter fit and to prevent sock slippage.
  • Step 3: Check tread Check the tread of the boot. Look for cross-hatching on the sole that will grip and bite in icy conditions without clogging with snow.
  • Step 4: Invest in quality Invest in quality -- a good pair of winter boots may cost extra, but can last years longer in brutal conditions than cheaper boots.
  • TIP: Don't sacrifice style for warmth and safety. Don't opt for boots with tall heels and smooth soles.
  • Step 5: Test everything Test each pair of boots, as sizing among manufacturers can vary greatly, and take your time -- you'll be climbing Everest before you know it.
  • FACT: Antarctica is the fifth largest continent at 8.68 million square miles, but over eight and a half million square miles are covered in ice.

You Will Need

  • Patience
  • Time
  • Decisiveness

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