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How to Get Documents Notarized

Documents are notarized to prevent fraud. Here's how to get a notarization.


  • Step 1: Undergo screening Undergo screening by the notary. This will involve showing some form of identification, such as a driver's license.
  • TIP: If you do not have identification, you can use testimony from one or more credible witnesses verifying that you are who you say you are.
  • Step 2: Present the documents Present the documents to be notarized to the notary. The documents must commit you in some way, must include your signature, and must be accompanied by a notarial certificate, which is obtained from the notary.
  • Step 3: Have the notary complete the certificate Have the notary fill out the notarial certificate and record the action being notarized in a journal.
  • Step 4: Pay the notary's fee Pay the notary's fee, which is usually under $10. Now you can get on with your business.
  • FACT: The office of notary public can be traced to ancient Rome.

You Will Need

  • Notary
  • Identification
  • Documents
  • Notarial certificate
  • Notary's journal
  • Money
  • Credible witness (optional)


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Man 2: The armorer wants to see you, he's at the far end of the weapons range.

Armorer: Anyone working in sensitive areas of the facility needs clearance from me. Before you begin, load up on ammo, it's in the crates here by the booth. Let's start with your assault rifle. Destroy the targets in the center of the range. Good job, now it's time for sidearm training. Take the pistol on the counter. Destroy the close targets on the range.

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Man 2: Chairman Stahl wants you in the broadcast room immediately.

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