How to Get Married

If you're sure you've found the one, take the plunge and make sure they don't get away.

You will need

  • Partner
  • Budget
  • Destination
  • Caterer
  • Clothing
  • Flowers
  • Venue
  • Marriage license
  • Internet access (optional)

Step 1 Find a mate Find the right person and pop the question. You can’t get married without a partner. Be as sure as you can that you’ve picked the right one before heading into a contract that ends with, “till death do us part.”

Step 2 Determine your budget Create a budget for the big day. Remember, depending on the type of wedding you choose, you will need a caterer, a wedding dress, tuxedos, flowers, and a venue.

Step 3 Chose a venue Decide where you want to have your wedding. Weddings can be held virtually anywhere — from a backyard to a Roman cathedral; in a courthouse, in Vegas, or on a beach in Hawaii.

Step 4 Get a license Apply for a marriage license from your county’s marriage license bureau or clerk’s office. The requirements for marriage licenses vary from state to state, but common requirements include proof of age and identity, and proof that you have terminated any previous marriages.

Step 5 Wait for the license Wait for your license to arrive. Some places, like Reno and Las Vegas, can issue your license in a day. Texas, on the other hand, imposes a three-day waiting period. Ask when you apply how long you have to wait before picking it up.

Step 6 Plan the wedding Invite your guests, pick out your clothes, flowers, and food, choose your wedding party, and decorate the reception hall.

Step 7 Enjoy the day Enjoy your wedding day and look forward to spending the rest of your life with your soul mate.