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How to Get Organized for School

Being disorganized can affect your ability to concentrate and translate to poor grades. Get organized for school and everything will fall into place.


  • Step 1: Set goals Set realistic goals for getting organized at the beginning of the school year. Plan to be on time, attend classes faithfully, finish your homework before having fun, and study for exams.
  • Step 2: Rise earlier Stick to the schedule by waking up earlier to allow extra time for showering and getting dressed. Put your alarm clock across the room from your bed so you have to get out of bed to shut it off.
  • TIP: Go to bed early. There's nothing you need to stay up late for that can't wait until tomorrow.
  • Step 3: Schedule your time Schedule your days and weeks in a color-coded calendar and a day planner so nothing falls through the cracks. Update your to-do lists constantly and prepare for tomorrow today.
  • Step 4: Keep files Clear away clutter and set up an area in your room with everything at hand. Keep files for your classes in an organizer and get in the habit of depositing every paper where it belongs.
  • Step 5: Prioritize Prioritize your homework by finishing assignments that are due in short order while intermittently working on assignments that are due later on.
  • Step 6: Break up work Break study and homework time into small, manageable units with built-in periods of rest. Stick to a schedule that allows for classes, eating, sleeping, study, and relaxation. Include time to review notes before tests and avoid the anxiety that comes with being rushed.
  • TIP: Eating properly is crucial to academic performance. It provides the energy necessary to be at your best.
  • Step 7: Plan rewards Reward yourself for achieving your goals. Schedule yourself one day a week when you don't have to think about school. Continually develop these sound habits and you will achieve academic success.
  • FACT: In 2007, U.S. students ranked 17th in science and 24th in math among industrialized countries.

You Will Need

  • Goals
  • Alarm clock
  • Calendar
  • Day planner
  • To-do lists
  • Organizer
  • Schedule
  • Rewards

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