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How to Get RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are a great way to stay on top of news headlines, job openings, and other information that changes minute-to-minute. Download them onto your device and stay current.


  • Step 1: Download reader Download an RSS reader. Many choices are available to suit different platforms and styles, and many are available for free. Make sure the version you choose is compatible with your browser or device.
  • TIP: Read online reviews or go to the RSS feed page on your favorite tech website to see which particular reader is recommended.
  • Step 2: Install the reader Launch the downloaded file and follow the instructions to install the reader.
  • Step 3: Find feeds Find RSS feeds by looking for a small orange rectangle that says "RSS" on your favorite websites, or search the internet for sites with RSS features.
  • Step 4: Sign up for feeds Sign up to receive the feeds you want on individual websites.
  • Step 5: View feeds View the feeds you've signed up for on your desktop. Adjust the settings to suit your preferences for their frequency and appearance.
  • Step 6: Take RSS to go Take your favorite RSS feeds to go by installing an app on your phone or other mobile device so you can stay current as the headlines roll in from wherever you are.
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You Will Need

  • Internet access
  • RSS reader
  • Sites with RSS features
  • Cellphone or mobile device

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