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How to Get Rust Out of Carpet & Clothing

Those brown and orange spots don't have to send you running to the flooring or department store anymore. Remove that iron oxide at home with these steps.


  • Step 1: Scrape residue off Scrape rust particles off the surface of the carpet or clothing with a plastic spatula or scraper.
  • Step 2: Vacuum or shake out Vacuum your carpet or shake out the garment to remove any debris, dust, or hair.
  • Step 3: Saturate rust spot with vinegar or lemon Saturate the rust spot with warm vinegar or lemon juice. Scrub the vinegar into the stain with a toothbrush and let sit five minutes for carpet or one hour for clothing.
  • TIP: Before soaking your carpet or best shirt, do a quick test spot to check for color fastness. You may need to try commercial cleaning companies if the color bleeds.
  • Step 4: Pat dry and air out Pat the spot dry with clean rags and allow to dry thoroughly.
  • Step 5: Rinse with water Rinse the spot with warm water and pat dry with clean rags. Allow to dry completely.
  • TIP: Assess the results and repeat the process if necessary after the cloth or carpet is dry.
  • Step 6: Vacuum or wash Vacuum the carpet or wash your clothing as usual and keep clear of that devilish rust in the future.
  • FACT: Traditionally made balsamic vinegars can cost up to $200 per bottle and take 12 years to make, while modern-made vinegars can cost as little as $2 and are made in a few hours.

You Will Need

  • Plastic spatula or scraper
  • Vacuum
  • Warm white vinegar or lemon juice
  • Old toothbrush
  • Clean rags
  • Warm water

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