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How to Write a Business Thank You Note

A business thank-you note adds a personal touch to the impersonal practice of business.


  • Step 1: Select a note card Select a simple note card or use a plain sheet of white paper for the thank-you note.
  • Step 2: Pen your message Write a short message on the card or paper. In the body of the note, thank the person you are writing to and describe in detail what they did to deserve thanks.
  • TIP: Gauge your knowledge of the person to determine how formal the letter should be. If you know the person well, it can be more casual. If it is a new acquaintance, be more professional.
  • Step 3: Include other aspects Include the other aspects of a thank-you message. The date, a salutation, a casual closing, and your signature on the bottom should all be included.
  • Step 4: Send the note Make it a priority to send the note as soon as you have received the favor. This will maximize the note's impact. It will also be good for business.
  • FACT: The earliest writing tools were developed by the Greeks, who used a writing stylus made of metal, bone, or ivory to place marks upon wax-coated tablets.

You Will Need

  • Note card or paper
  • Message

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