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How to Care for Winter Boots

Winter boots suffer a lot of wear and tear over the season, but care and effort will help them look better and last longer.


  • Step 1: Use a waterproofing product Use a waterproofing product recommended by the manufacturer when you purchase winter boots. Apply it to the boots before wearing them to protect them from moisture.
  • Step 2: Clean salt lines Clean salt lines around your boots with a desalting product, or mix equal parts vinegar and water, dab it on the boots with a rag, then rinse, dry, and buff.
  • TIP: Use a rag to immediately wipe salt and dirt from boots when coming indoors.
  • Step 3: Remove scuffs Remove scuffs by gently rubbing them with a damp rag dipped in baking soda, wipe them clean, and then dry and buff.
  • TIP: Stuff boots with newspaper while they dry to protect their shape.
  • Step 4: Care for suede Care for suede winter boots by cleaning them with an artist's kneaded eraser or an emery board. Then refresh the nap by brushing the suede with a toothbrush.
  • Step 5: Care for boot liners Care for boot liners by removing them, if possible, and washing them in the laundry.
  • TIP: The washing and drying instructions will be on a tag on the liner.
  • Step 6: Clean and apply a leather-care product Clean and apply a leather-care product to winter boots before storing them for the summer. Now, they'll look their best when you pull them out of the closet for another season of service.
  • FACT: Eskimos traditionally made boots from caribou hide.

You Will Need

  • Waterproofing product
  • Desalting product
  • White vinegar
  • Rags
  • Baking soda
  • Kneaded eraser or emery board
  • Toothbrush
  • Leather-care product
  • Newspaper (optional)

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