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How to Deliver a Sucker Punch

Need a speedy sneak attack? Throw a sucker punch and catch your opponent off guard.


  • : Be aware that physical assaults, including sucker punches, can carry legal consequences.
  • Step 1: Get close Cozy up to your target -- you need to be less than an arm's length away to deliver an effective sucker punch. Move towards them subtly to reduce the time they have to react to your attack.
  • Step 2: Don't give it away Stay in control of your body language to avoid telegraphing your sucker punch. Keep your face calm and relax your muscles until the exact moment you spring into action.
  • Step 3: Use distractions Distract your foe to heighten your attack's surprise. Spit in their face, pretend to hear an unexpected sound, double over as though you're in sudden pain -- anything that diverts your opponent's attention and lets you make your move!
  • Step 4: Attack quickly Decided to attack? Deliver your sucker punch immediately -- most humans can react to visual stimuli in less than half a second. Remember: force equals mass multiplied by acceleration, so whip your hand towards your opponent as quickly as you can to inflict maximum pain.
  • TIP: If you want to truly disable your foe, attack vital areas such as their eyes, throat, or groin.
  • Step 5: Move away Once you've delivered your sucker punch, pull your arm and body back quickly so your opponent can't counterattack. Then, stay on your guard and avoid becoming the victim of a sucker punch yourself.
  • FACT: The beverage term "punch" may come from the Hindi word for five, referring to the five ingredients in the drink: tea, sugar, lemon, water, and liquor.

You Will Need

  • Physical proximity
  • Control
  • Distractions
  • Speed

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