How to Recycle Valentine's Day Flowers

Don't throw away your Valentine's Day flowers. Get a little extra use out of them with these tips.

You will need

  • Hospice
  • nursing home
  • hospital
  • or church
  • Candles
  • Warm bath
  • Basket or Bowl
  • Gift or card
  • Scissors
  • Wax paper
  • Book
  • Note cards
  • gift tags
  • envelopes
  • wedding invitations
  • Friend

Step 1 Brighten someone's day Brighten someone’s day by delivering the flowers to a local hospice, nursing home, hospital, or church.

Step 2 Sprinkle in tub Light some candles and sprinkle rose petals into a warm bath for romantic ambiance.

Step 3 Decorate a table Decorate a table by placing rose petals in a basket or bowl.

Step 4 Add a finishing touch Add a finishing touch to a wrapped gift by tying a flower bud to the gift or card.

Step 5 Dry flowers Dry flowers by clipping the flower close to the base with a pair of scissors. Fold a sheet of wax paper around them and place them inside of a book for a week to 10 days to preserve your flowers — and your memories.

Step 6 Embellish Embellish note cards, gift tags, envelopes, and wedding invitations with a dried or fresh flower petal.

Step 7 Make someone's day Make a friend’s day by sharing the flowers with them. Keep the spirit of Valentine’s Day all year round.