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How to Take Great Winter Pictures

Winter wonderlands are a picturesque sight, so why not capture them in photographs to gaze at during the hot summer months?


  • Step 1: Put on layers Put on several layers of warm clothing before heading out to photograph Old Man Winter. Make sure you have warm, waterproof boots, gloves, a hat, and a coat -- you can't take pictures with frostbite.
  • TIP: Wear thick mittens over thin gloves, so when you're ready to shoot your pictures, you can pull the mittens off to get a better hold on the camera.
  • Step 2: Get equipment Use a camera that can withstand cold temperatures. Keep your camera in a camera bag until you're ready to shoot and carry extra batteries in the camera bag.
  • Step 3: Use the magic hour Use the time just before sunrise and just after sunset, also known as the "magic hour," to your advantage. These beautifully lit times of day are longer in the winter, giving you more time to capture winter's beauty.
  • Step 4: Find color Find splashes of color in the often gray winter landscape. This will help brighten your photos and draw the viewer's eye to them.
  • Step 5: Adjust exposure Adjust your camera's exposure to help it capture the bright whiteness of the snow. If you are using a standard digital camera, look for a sand and snow setting.
  • Step 6: Find winter scenes Find interesting subjects, like people engaging in winter activities, ice, and surviving plant life to make your photos the most wintry, wonderful frozen moments.
  • FACT: Winter at the north or south pole of Uranus is 42 Earth-years long.

You Will Need

  • Warm clothing
  • Camera
  • Camera bag
  • Batteries
  • Snacks (optional)
  • Water (optional)

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