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How to Teach Kids About Valentine's Day

Teach your kids to show love, kindness, and appreciation for others for Valentine's Day. Some of the best gifts are free.


  • Step 1: Make homemade cards Create homemade cards with your kids and deliver them to a nursing home or hospital.
  • Step 2: Encourage them to show love Encourage kids to show their love for others. Lead by example and give them hugs and kisses, letting them know you appreciate them. Reciprocation will follow.
  • Step 3: Create a gratitude journal Create a gratitude journal with your child. Have everyone in the family write down one thing that made them happy that day, and then write how they made someone else happy.
  • TIP: Write in the book in the first two weeks of February, leading up to Valentine's Day.
  • Step 4: Encourage kindness Encourage random acts of kindness. Surprise the school bus driver, the mailman, and the lunch lady with a Valentine.
  • Step 5: Make it a tradition Make it a tradition to have a special meal together. Let everyone in the family choose one item on the menu.
  • TIP: Making a meal at home together can be a fun option, too.
  • Step 6: Stay involved Spend time with your child and stay involved in their life. The way you celebrate Valentine's Day can help your child grow into a thoughtful, caring person.
  • FACT: Since the turn of the 20th century, the Necco candy company has produced more than 250 billion Sweethearts, the heart-shaped Valentine candies.

You Will Need

  • Homemade cards
  • Appreciation
  • Gratitude journal
  • Relative or friend
  • Random acts of kindness
  • Family meals
  • Involvement

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