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How to Write an Employment Verification Letter

If you're an employer, you may be asked to write a verification letter for an employee for a rental, bank account, insurance, or job application.


  • Step 1: Know an employment verification letter's function Know an employment verification letter's function. It can be for a landlord's rental application, a bank loan, or a prospective employer's job application.
  • Step 2: Use company letterhead Write the letter on company letterhead and include a statement saying you are currently employed and note your starting date.
  • TIP: Address the contact person with Mr. or Ms., or use their full name.
  • Step 3: Include business information Include information about the business, such as the company's name and phone number and the person's former supervisor's name or the name of the company's human resources professional.
  • Step 4: Write employee information List the employee's name, position, and start date at the beginning of the letter.
  • Step 5: List responsibilities Write a short paragraph outlining the employee's responsibilities.
  • Step 6: Sign the letter Sign the letter and include your title at the company. Give your email address or direct phone number in case further information is required.
  • FACT: George O'Leary resigned after five days as Notre Dame's head football coach after they discovered he'd lied on his resume.

You Will Need

  • Company letterhead
  • Business information
  • Employee information
  • Signature
  • E-mail address or direct phone line

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