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How to Make Your Liberal Arts Degree Sound Legit

So you've graduated with a liberal arts degree, and now face the task of convincing the real world that the past 4 years weren't a complete waste of time. With enough confidence and creativity, you can market your major to just about anyone.


  • Step 1: Have confidence With at least 4 years of liberal arts education under your belt, you're probably proficient in B.S.; use it to your advantage by acting like you have complete confidence in your major.
  • Step 2: Make it more familiar When referring to your major, compare it to something more professional-sounding. For example, "I majored in gender studies, which is a lot like human resources."
  • TIP: Avoid name-dropping classes you took or theorists you've read. You'll sound pretentious, not smart.
  • Step 3: Emphasize real world application Talk about your extracurricular activities and specific projects you've successfully completed. Although your major may sound irrelevant, emphasizing your experience will prove you must have learned something in school.
  • Step 4: Associate your major with success Find a famous or successful public figure who had a major similar to yours.
  • TIP: Sally Ride, astronaut and first woman in space, was an English major.
  • Step 5: Showcase skills Even a liberal arts education requires certain useful skills. Showcase strengths in areas like writing, research, time management, and critical thinking. And if all else fails, remember: the "real world" is just a social construct anyway.
  • FACT: Dustin Hoffman, the star of the 1967 film The Graduate, never graduated from college.

You Will Need

  • Liberal arts degree
  • Confidence
  • Extracurricular activities

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