How to Calculate Weight Watchers Points

Whether you need to lose 5 pounds or 100, use points to eat sensibly and stay on track toward a slimmer you.

You will need

  • Calculator
  • Scale
  • Weight Watchers brand food or recipes (optional)

Step 1 Start with total points Start by figuring out your total points for each day — begin with 2 points if you’re a woman, 8 points if you’re a man.

Step 2 Factor in age Factor in your age by adding 4 points if you are between 17 to 26, 3 points for ages 27 to 37, 2 points for 38 to 47, and 1 point if you’re 48 to 58.

Step 3 Add in height and weight Hop on the scale and add 1 point per 10 pounds of body weight. Add an additional point if you’re between 5-foot-1 and 5-foot-10; 2 points if you’re over 5-foot-10.

Step 4 Add in activity Add 6 points for a labor-intensive job, add 2 points for a moderate level of activity, and if you’re sedentary don’t add any points. Add everything up to see the total number of points you’re allowed to consume each day.

Step 5 Calculate a meal's points To calculate the number of points in each food, study the nutritional information. Divide the total calories by 50 and the total grams of fat by 12. Add these numbers together and write down the answer.

Step 6 Divide fiber Divide the total amount of dietary fiber by 5 and subtract this number from the number you got in step 5. This represents the total points of the food item.

Step 7 Deduct meal points from daily points Deduct each meal from your total allowance of daily points. Plan each meal ahead of time as you work toward your weight loss goal.