How to Get Pictures from Video

Carrying a camera and a video camera to record those special moments can be cumbersome. Don't worry about taking photographs anymore when you can get stills from video.

You will need

  • Saved video file
  • Internet access

Step 1 Download a video software Download a free video still extractor program. For Windows users, VLC Media Player supports all video file types. For Mac users, imToo Video to Picture supports all video file types.

Step 2 Install software Install the software that you have downloaded and save it in your program files.

Step 3 Open video file Open the extractor program and then open the video file that contains the frame that you want a snapshot of.

Step 4 Play the video Play the video until you locate the moment in the video that you want to capture and pause the video at that point.

Step 5 Select SnapShot from Video menu Select the video from the main menu bar. Then select SnapShot from the drop-down menu. Mac users will use the capture function.

Step 6 Locate image Locate the file and rename it, or move it to another folder to keep track of it. If you’re using a Mac, you will need to save from the capture screen, and you can name the file anything you want. Now turn all of your favorite video moments into photos!