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How to Prevent Baby Gas

Once you have finally settled down your baby, remember these tricks to prevent your precious little one from any more discomfort.


  • Step 1: Limit the amount of air Try to limit the amount of air your baby swallows. Make sure there is not any air at the point of the nipple on their bottle.
  • TIP: Look for bottles that are designed specifically to limit air bubbles.
  • Step 2: Avoid certain foods Avoid food and beverages that contain cow's milk and caffeine if you are breast-feeding. Some vegetables you consume may also make your baby more gassy.
  • TIP: Keep a journal of the foods you eat. If your baby seems extra gassy at times you can refer to the journal to eliminate the potential problem foods.
  • Step 3: Move their legs Play bicycle with your baby. Move their legs in the same motion they would if they were riding a bike between feeding. This will help push the gas out.
  • Step 4: Burp your baby Burp your baby at least every 5 minutes if you are bottle-feeding and at the end of the feeding. Burp breast-fed babies after feeding on each breast.
  • Step 5: Relax your baby Comfort and relax your baby at least 20 minutes after feeding to allow their food to digest. This will prevent gas from developing.
  • Step 6: Position your baby upright Do not lay your baby down immediately after a feeding. Keep your baby positioned upright for about 15 minutes to let gravity set in and the food travel down before laying your little one into a peaceful slumber.
  • FACT: Babies are born with over 300 bones in their bodies, but adults have only 206 -- bones fuse together over the course of infancy.

You Will Need

  • Air-reducing bottles
  • Food journal

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