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How to Send a Fax from a Computer

Want to send faxes, but from the convenience of home? Use this guide to start faxing from your computer.


  • Step 1: Consider online fax services Consider free online fax services such as eFax, MyFax, and FaxZero. Weigh service features such as online copy storage and fax receipt verification.
  • TIP: Many services offer free trial faxes up to a specific number of pages.
  • Step 2: Consider sending faxes as e-mail attachments Consider sending faxes as e-mail attachments. Attachment formats are typically Microsoft Word, Excel, TIFF, or PDF.
  • TIP: Know that some scanners have a scan-to-PDF option. Also consider PDF creation software such as Adobe Acrobat.
  • Step 3: Send faxes via Windows XP,7, or Vista Send faxes via Windows 7, Vista, or XP by installing the Fax and Scan app that comes with Windows. You'll need a fax modem connected to a land line.
  • Step 4: Send faxes via Mac Send faxes via a Mac with a built-in fax modem connected to a land line. Choose the Print command, click the PDF button, and choose Fax PDF.
  • Step 5: Consider paying for a premium service Consider paying for a premium subscription online fax service if you regularly send and receive faxes, especially if you fax abroad. Now enjoy the convenience of sending faxes from home.
  • FACT: In 1924, inventor Richard Ranger sent President Coolidge's photo from New York to London on his photoradiogram, a fax forerunner.

You Will Need

  • An online fax service
  • A scanner with scan-to-PDF or PDF creation software
  • Windows 7
  • Vista
  • or XP
  • A fax modem connected to a land line

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