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How to Tie a Sarong into a Simple Wrap Skirt

There's something so right about a sarong, especially on the beach.


  • Step 1: Hold sarong behind you Hold the sarong behind you, horizontally, a hand on each end.
  • Step 2: Pull ends forward Pull the ends forward.
  • Step 3: Tuck one end in bathing suit Tuck one end into your bathing suit at the opposite hip.
  • TIP: For extra security, secure the sarong to your swimsuit with a safety pin.
  • Step 4: Cross free end to other hip Cross the free end across your stomach, to the other hip.
  • Step 5: Gather free end Gather the free end into neat folds.
  • Step 6: Tuck into waistband Tuck into your swimsuit's waistband.
  • FACT: Famous British soccer star David Beckham created a media sensation when a photographer snapped him wearing a sarong.

You Will Need

  • A sarong
  • And a two-piece bathing suit
  • Safety pins (optional)

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