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How to Do the Expanded Shell Transfer Coin Trick

A coin instantly dematerializes. You can not only see the invisible coin, but also pluck it out of thin air with your magic fingers.


  • Step 1: Place coins in purse Put the shell coin and the two real half-dollar coins into the coin purse. Take out the shell coin and one real coin, taking care not to let anyone see the other half dollar still inside the purse.
  • Step 2: Hold in each hand Hold the real coin, heads facing out, between the fingers and thumb of one hand and the shell coin, heads out, in the other hand.
  • Step 3: Close one hand Place both coins in your right hand, with the shell coin overlapping onto the real coin. Tell your audience you will make one of the coins disappear.
  • Step 4: Move hand Move your hand until the shell coin fits completely over the half dollar. Close your hand, pressing the shell onto the real half, and turn your hand over.
  • Step 5: Make it disappear Wave your left hand over the closed one and utter a magical incantation, like "hocus pocus."
  • TIP: Practice what you'll say during the trick, known as patter, to add realism.
  • Step 6: Reveal Open your hand to show that one coin has vanished. Show both sides of the remaining coin, which will look completely real.
  • Step 7: Pluck it out Say you see the now invisible coin. Pretend to pluck it out of the air. Place the "invisible coin" on top of the purse and rub your fingers on it, uttering another incantation to make it melt into the purse. Open the purse to show the half-dollar inside.
  • FACT: Abraham Lincoln's portrait on the penny faces to the right while all other portraits of presidents on U.S. coins face to the left.

You Will Need

  • Expanded shell coin
  • 2 half-dollar coins
  • Coin purse
  • Audience
  • Patter (optional)

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